Alenbi Felafel + Hummus

Alenbi Falafel + Hummus features Middle Eastern street food with rich with vegetables, spices, and one-of-a-kind flavor profiles. Named after one of Tel Aviv’s busiest streets, Alenbi highlights the dynamic flavors of Middle Eastern culture. Customers can expect healthy, delicious dishes that are bold in flavors. With most dishes incorporating falafel and hummus, Alenbi’s recipes are tried and true with years of perfection behind the scenes. Most ingredients, like chickpeas and tahini, are imported directly from Israel. Alenbi features the “best of” what you would find on the streets of Tel Aviv or neighboring areas. The concept comes from Sof Hospitality, known for their other popular Isreali concepts including Hamsa, Badolina Bakery, and Doris Metropolitan.